Seamus Byrne
November 21, 2018

Smart cities need smart planning

Civic Nation 2018

Smart cities need smart planning

Smart cities: Critical issues discussed in our Civic Nation 2018 roundtable

The issues paper from’s Civic Nation 2018 roundtable on Connected Communities & Gig Cities is now available for download, exploring key policy and technology concerns in the sector.

Co-hosted by Huawei Technologies and featuring opening remarks from veteran communications researcher Paul Budde, the session brought together government, industry and academic leaders to discuss critical issues for smart city development and the needs of civic and community policy.

The panel highlighted a lack of long-term planning, the importance of standards to make collaboration more effective, and the need for more to be done to develop Tier 2 cities.

The issues paper includes many key quotes from the gathered panel, delivering many insights into the thoughts of many of the most important players in the category here in Australia.

Download your copy of’s Connected Communities & Gig Cities Issues paper, produced in partnership with Huawei Technologies, for more details.

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