Seamus Byrne
November 21, 2018

The path to national identity

Civic Nation 2018

The path to national identity

National Identity: Finding the right structure to balance concerns, needs and global frameworks.

The issues paper from’s Civic Nation 2018 roundtable on National Identity & Cybersecurity has been released for download here, exploring critical policy concerns in the sector from a panel of Australia’s leading industry officials and industry experts.

Hosted by Ping Identity, and featuring opening remarks from the Hon. Steve Marshall, Premier of South Australia, the roundtable participants were drawn from across government and industry to go deep into the key issues in this crucial policy area.

The paper combines a summary of key discussion points as well as pertinent quotes from members of the roundtable. The panel explored themes such as:

  • The flow of identity back and forth across digital and analogue environments
  • The need for identity to be treated as independent of trust
  • The problem building compelling narratives for identity schemes to ensure healthy scepticism does not give way to raw cynicism

With these along with many other discussion areas, this paper should offer a lot of insights to help frame your approach to many of the issues in this sector for 2019 and beyond.

Download your copy of’s National Identity & Cybersecurity Issues paper, produced in partnership with Ping Identity, for the deeper insights.

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