Great Wrap launches compostable catering wrap

Peter Roberts

Compostable stretch kitchen wrap business Great Wrap has launched its Australian-made compostable catering wrap for businesses across the country.

Made from food waste, Great Wrap initially launched a domestic Compostable Cling Wrap, but now provides a solution for commercial waste challenges that is suitable for restaurants, grocers, delis, bakers and more.

The company also takes pre-orders for for pallet wrap.

Great Wrap
Australian-made compostable caterer’s wrap

Great Wrap was co-founded in 2020 during the global pandemic, by husband and wife duo Jordy and Julia Kay who chose food waste as the raw material rather than a plant-based alternative that requires intensive agriculture.

Jordy and Julia Kay, co-founders said in a statement: “Commercial industries haven’t seen a shift like this, ever.

“We are providing an easy solution for businesses to eliminate single-use plastics from their supply chain and we’re looking to partner with businesses to help them close the loop and reach NetZero.”

Australia alone goes through 150,000 tonnes of stretch wrap each year, with Great Wrap aiming to turn a third of that into Great Wrap by 2023.

Great Wrap’s catering cling wrap is made in their solar-powered factory on the Mornington Peninsula.

It is certified compostable meaning it breaks down into carbon and water in less than 180 days in commercial and home compost, leaving zero microplastics behind.

Julia Kay: said “We’ve seen huge business growth this year.

“Our team started with myself and Jordy, now eight months later we have 35 employees, two machines, and two offices.”

The company raised $3 million in a Seed Raise and has worked closely with Monash University and its own R&D team to fast track a commercial scale project.

“In 2022, we plan to expand internationally and continue to grow exponentially.”

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