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James Riley
September 7, 2017
It is nearly ten years since the Taiwan-born, Brooklyn-raised Tien Tzuo founded the ‘subscription economy’ startup Zuora. It has been a wild ride, ...


Denham Sadler
August 18, 2017
Australia may not be a computer science superpower right now, but its future looks bright. An Aussie kids coding organisation successfully broke a world r...

Budget 2017

James Riley
May 12, 2017
You wouldn’t want to read too much into it, but Bill Shorten’s faux-feisty budget reply last night did nothing to paint a picture of how Labor woul...


James Riley
May 9, 2017
The last three federal budgets have provided only meagre fare for the Aussie tech and innovation sectors. But tonight will be different. There will be meat on ...

Intelligent Communities

Kevin Keith
March 1, 2017
In Victorian England, poverty grew from the shadows of wealth. Slums slumped against symbols of civic pride, cowering next to towering town halls funded throug...

Intelligent Communities

Brian Lee-Archer
February 21, 2017
Cities are centres of population, commerce, and culture while communities are groups of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic i...


Michael Sainsbury
December 19, 2016
When Ben Hamilton moved to Singapore from Melbourne in 2009 to explore the Southeast Asian market for education software services, he didn’t realize that...


December 16, 2016
The great Australian myth of mateship and working together to overcome adversity does not extend to business collaboration around innovation. According to t...


December 1, 2016
  You are never too young to know what you want to be in life. Take a cue from University of South Australia (UniSA). As one of Australian’s youn...


James Riley
December 1, 2016
The much-anticipated Crossroads report from advocacy group StartupAus has lobbed onto the internet, painting a glass-half-full picture of Australia’s ent...

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