The Capability Papers draws leaders from across the tech ecosystem – the companies, institutions and technologists building capability across key strategic sectors – and creates an avenue to form new partnerships and connections.

The Papers will be a curated selection of more than 30 issues and policy papers from domain experts in everything from quantum tech to remote automation to critical minerals and advanced manufacturing.
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To make the most of this powerful publication, we’ll bring together the papers in stages, by theme and state/territory.

The first event in the series is The Capability Papers: Non-Kinetic Defence and Dual-use Tech in Adelaide. It will bring together leaders from across the Australian tech ecosystem to present their ideas, and five will be invited to write a paper for the physical publication.

In Sydney, we will discuss Manufacturing & Energy Transition and in Melbourne, Digital Health, Biotech & MedTech. This collation of papers will again culminate in a launch at Parliament House in October, showcasing physical copies of The Capability Papers to high-calibre tech and government executives, industry experts, strong-growth businesses, private sector influencers and investors – as they gather for a one-of-a-kind networking opportunity that put Australia’s current capability landscape under the microscope.

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