Civic Nation 2018

Policy Strategic Sessions


Thursday 27 September 2018
Four Seasons Hotel, 199 George Street, Sydney (map)

Civic Nation 2018: Conversations to shape the nation

The fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Are we ready?

Ready or not, powerful technologies are dramatically changing existing ways of doing things and will shape our national identity for decades to come. The opportunities are immense: better service delivery, better citizen outcomes and the creation of new jobs and new industries. is brokering key discussions on the unprecedented wave of change we face as a nation, from taxation, healthcare, and sustainable energy to AI’s impact on culture and job security. Civic Nation 2018 will tackle these in open conversation but also focus on potential solutions to obstacles facing our nation in addressing these, and other technologies, which are accelerating dramatic change.

There has never been a better time to discuss the key trends affecting Australia’s economic future, prosperity and social stability

The 2018 forum will lay the foundation for talking about national agenda and outcomes in light of vast social and technological change. will play host to international and national thought leaders in applying technology and social policy that keeps up with changes we are seeing in the world.

Civic Nation 2018 offers an unprecedented opportunity for policy makers, technology industry leaders and topic experts to re-engineer the way our nation functions.

Join 120+ government, academic and industry leaders to hear TED-style talks, fireside chats and great debates on:

  • As the gig economy reshapes the future of work how do we address wages, taxes and entitlements?
  • Is preserving privacy a reasonable goal in an era where sharing data will improve services and value to citizens?
  • How can we fast-track connected, empowered communities in the era of Gigabit speeds?
  • Does an open door policy lead to economic prosperity, or is there cause for prudence to preserve sovereignty, culture and security?
  • Will 2018 be the tipping point for a merger between health service providers and technology specialists?
  • How do we mobilise capital to create sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions?
  • Can we ensure AI expresses the full diversity of human experience?