Piers Grove, Founder, Boomerang and EnergyLabs & Former Publisher, Betoota Advocate

James Riley
Editorial Director

Imagine a world where waste doesn’t exist — where every product is designed with its subsequent life in mind. Piers Grove, Co-founder of both Boomerang, EnergyLabs and Former Publisher of Betoota Advocate is a visionary challenging Australia’s recycling norms. From revolutionising packaging practices to redefining recycling, his initiatives are not just about treating symptoms but curing the disease of waste. In this episode of the Commercial Disco(very), Piers unpacks how startup disruptors across Australia are reshaping our approaches to sustainability, proving that in the circular economy, end-of-life for products is only just the beginning.

This episode of The Commercial Disco is proudly brought to you by CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency and innovation catalyst.

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