Counterpoint Conversations, Ep4: Transformative projects at scale and speed

Corrie McLeod

This discussion will explore transformative projects within the public sector. Public sector projects progress at a different speed to those in the private sector, and scrutiny of government project management extends far beyond a government agency’s internal stakeholders – there are multiple goals and milestones to report on, many teams of people to manage and access to an incredible wealth of resources.

In this episode, Public Service Medal recipient Patricia Kelly (formerly with the SKA and IP Australia), and Principal of Buildcorp, Josephine Sukkar, explore the projects that have been created in the public sector environment and become transformative by way of multiple applications across the economy. What are the projects that have been created within certain confines of government, that have gone on to be the foundation for significant national policies and outputs – and who are the people working behind the scenes to deliver them?

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