Counterpoint Conversations, Ep5: Diversity for success on the Battlefield

Corrie McLeod

The final episode of the Counterpoint Conversations podcast series will focus on the challenges ahead in reshaping the cultural settings of the defence force, particularly in relation to the augmented reality and virtual reality technologies being adopted for learning and development.

As the demands of the AUKUS program evolve, engaging the widest range of people with the right mix of problem-solving skills is going to be essential. Diversity of thinking – including addressing gender balance and managing awareness of bias – will be a central plank for success.  

With the defence sector’s increasing move to gamification and augmented reality to innovate and adapt to the changing nature of warfare, this podcast will explore the importance of inclusivity at the design stage of technology to ensure diversity in thought, assessment, life experience and world view, to help address complexity in decision making.  

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