The age of trust, Series 2, Ep4: Essential two-way trade

Corrie McLeod

Streamlining the two-way trade and investment process between Australia and the US is essential to the COVID recovery of both countries. The value of this mutual investment currently accounts for 90% of the Australian share market, and is 10 times larger than the value of our relationship with China. So what has changed in how the two countries can work together? April Palmerlee, CEO of the American Chamber of Commerce In Australia (AmCham), and MJ Salier, chief legal counsel at Verizon, discuss how we can leverage the trust American businesses have in Australia’s transparent and accountable legal and regulatory systems, and what role 5G and IoT connected devices can play in this relationship.

The views and opinions expressed by guest speakers do not necessarily reflect the view or position of Verizon.

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