The age of trust, Series 1, Ep6: The Future of Media, 5G and IoT

Corrie McLeod

What is behind the acquisition of Yahoo7 and Verizon media? As the world’s entertainment and businesses have shifted online, what can we expect from our entertainment and information services of the future and what are the technologies driving these services?

In episode 6 of The age of trust series, The Future of Media, 5G and IoT, InnovationAus publisher Corrie McLeod talks to Verizon APAC lead, Robert Le Busque, and Verizon MD of ANZ, Paul Sigaloff, on the technology that underpins the future of media. They also talk about the ‘Age of Human’, the personalisation and delivery of content and services through 5G, bringing together ecommerce, social interaction, AR and VR among other cutting-edge technologies and the potential for computerised cars, console-free games that span the entire world and 3D imaging in healthcare applications.

The views and opinions expressed by guest speakers do not necessarily reflect the view or position of Verizon.

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