24/7 cyber centre opens in Sydney

James Riley
Editorial Director

Real-time threat detection, prevention and analysis will be conducted on a 24/7 basis at Deloitte’s new Cyber Intelligence Centre in Sydney, which was officially opened today.

One of 20 centres globally, the operation allows the professional services firm to tap into its global resources and collaborate with its other offices, clients and law enforcement in combating the increasing number of cyber-attacks annually.

Deloitte’s risk advisory managing partner Harvey Christophers said being a third party integrator, Deloitte brings substance to the cyber conversation which fits with the present government agenda around productivity and innovation.

Deloitte’s Cyber Intelligence Centre: one of 20 centres globally delivering real-time threat analysis

Cyberattacks are a massive threat to productivity for businesses he said, and for our economy through the potential loss of intellectual property and disruption to business practices.

The average cost of a data breach per Australian organisation is more than $2.5 million per year and rising.

Deloitte also used the launch to say that it is actively working with universities and education providers, around STEM subjects, in helping to equip Australian talent with the skills to combat cyber risks in the future.

APAC cyber risk leader James Nunn-Price, who came from Deloitte’s UK office earlier this year made note of the lack of talent in Australia in this industry shortly after he arrived.

Mr Christophers noted that the Intelligence Centre is now attracting cyber talent to the business earlier in their careers allowing the company to train them up and assist in making an impact on that talent shortage for all of Australia in the cyber space.

With the question raised however, that university level can be too late to reach out to the next generation of cyber analysts and the real work around STEM needs to happen at secondary level, Mr Nunn-Price mentioned the work Deloitte is doing, in NSW specifically – speaking in schools and to educational authorities on the demand and need for STEM subjects and sending graduates to talk to students about the opportunities and exciting work in the cyber space.

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