A new frontier for your InnovationAus

Corrie McLeod

There has never been a more exciting time to be involved in the technology sector, with opportunities for tech-driven innovation – and in particular data-driven innovation – across the whole economy.

InnovationAus.com launched in mid-2015, just prior to the so-called Ideas Boom. And while the political view of technology and innovation in Australia might have run hot and cold, the industry itself has made giant strides.

The amount of activity today among new market entrants and the general level of energy is quite outstanding.

And we are changing too. Next week InnovationAus.com will launch a redeveloped website and a new look branding.

We have been publishing for four-and-a-half years. Nothing stands still for that long, and we have been overdue for a refresh. The new site will give us a huge amount of additional flexibility in the way we present stories, and the way that we understand our readers.

Next week, we are also excited to announce the soft launch of InnovationAsia, initially as a micro-site within InnovationAus, but now as its own stand-alone product with in-region reporting personnel from next year.

Launching InnovationAsia has long been an ambition of ours. There is tremendous potential for smart Australian companies to better integrate with the economies across the region. And it starts with a better understanding of the individual markets.

The combination of InnovationAus and InnovationAsia, we hope, will help to foster better outcomes for our under-represented technology exporters within our ASEAN neighbours and further afield across the rest of Asia.

Our new website has been built to enable a cleaner and easier to navigate look and feel, and a back-end flexibility that lets our editors be more creative in the way stories are created and delivered.

We will introduce for the first time a membership sign-up feature that has become normal for most news sites. But once you’re signed in, nothing changes. You will have access to all of the same quality insights as before.

We’re incredibly excited about the industry right now. There has never been a more important time to deliver news and features across the various stakeholder siloes of the innovation ecosystem.

We take our role of brokering the information flow between the industry and government, and between industry and academia very seriously.

It’s fair to say that we love our industry here in Australia, and we love the role that InnovationAus plays within it.

Look out for the launch of our new website next week. And please get in touch if you have ideas to help move our industry forward. We’d love to hear from you.

Corrie McLeod of the Publisher of InnovationAus and the Chief Executive Officer of the Hello Espresso group of companies.

Do you know more? Contact James Riley via Email.

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