ABC may lock out iview users for ‘personalisation’

Joseph Brookes
Senior Reporter

  1. Dean Lewis 3 years ago

    There is still the option to view the ABC live. While the ABC isn’t a commercial entity, the Federal Government have messed with their funding in such a way that they need to prove themselves in a comparative way, as though they’re a commercial entity.

  2. Stephen S 3 years ago

    Thanks for this, Joseph, was not at all aware. For me, ABC = Radio National. ABC TV is so reduced, that only very rarely I would go onto iview to catch up.

    This move will drive me off entirely. ABC seems to be missing the fundamental point that they are NOT a commercial entity, but a community service. If long-suffering listeners and viewers don’t want to be focus-grouped and segmented to death, then they shouldn’t have to be.

    Remember when RN had quality book shows, not “user driven”? Now it is dumbed-down ladies’ suburban book-club offerings. So, the next ABC step will be, they will have compulsory profiles, before you can catch up on missed RN shows. Just you watch.

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