Ambition: An documentary

James Riley
Editorial Director

It seems like everyone is aware that something interesting is going on at Gilmour Space Technologies’ manufacturing facility on the Gold Coast, but until you actually see it, it’s hard to get the full picture.

I have been watching the company for a couple of years and have interviewed chief executive officer Adam Gilmour on a semi-regular basis. I have always marveled at his outsized ambition, both for the company and for the space industry in this country.

Recently, I finally got a chance to visit Gilmour Space Technologies and took a film crew led by Jason Reed from Reel Story with me. We made a mini-documentary, and it’s incredible.

Gilmour Space Technologies is in the final stages of preparations of its Eris launch vehicle – its orbital rocket – as it counts down to a launch late this year or early 2023 from an Abbot Point site near Bowen in Queensland.

Eris is a three-stage launch vehicle capable of delivering satellites to low-earth orbit which has been designed and build entirely in Australia, from the proprietary hybrid rocket motors to the system software and avionics.

In this video, you will hear directly from Adam Gilmour about his ambitions for the company and for the space industry.

We also interviewed the Gilmour Space chief of staff Nick Lindsay, a former US Navy aviator and aeronautical engineer, and the Eris program manager David Doyle, a former RAAF fast jet pilot and experimental test pilot.

It is an Australian innovation story that covers all the industry themes we report on, from advanced manufacturing and sovereign capability to software development and STEM education.

Mainly it is about AMBITION. We hope you enjoy this first mini-documentary.

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