An update on our move toward a paid subscription model

James Riley
Editorial Director

Readers of will have noticed in recent days the addition of a requirement to login to the website in order to access premium articles. This is a first step in our move toward a paid subscription model for the site.

We will of course continue to provide quality journalism in the reporting of tech and innovation policy in Australia, and we will continue to put a spotlight on our best and brightest companies.

There are a couple of reasons for the changes. The first relates to the automated scraping of our articles, which are then repurposed by others for commercial gain. This is a frustration that many publishers are currently grappling with.

High-quality reporting requires on-going investment in journalism, something that we have continued to do over our eight years publishing The subscription gateway and paywall is a sensible measure to protect the integrity of our reporting.

InnovationAus editorial director James Riley

We have not been in a hurry to get the paywall up, and we have received a lot of great feedback on how we should manage this. But since announcing that we were moving to a paid subscription model, I have had many readers contact me directly to say that it’s about time.

A paywall will go live on from July 1. We have priced the annual subscription for access to premium articles and value-added services at $250 per year for a single subscription, with volume discounts available for large organisations.

And as part of our launch offer (and EOFY sale) we are offering a discount up until midnight on June 30, where single subscriptions are priced at $200, or for 20 users or more, $160.

We think the price-point is low enough to enable maximum participation across the broad horizontal ecosystem. There are real benefits to subscribing beyond simply keeping up to date with our rapidly evolving policy landscape.

Subscribers will have access to all premium content, will have steep discounts on value-added services through our partners, will enjoy exclusive access to subscriber only events, as well as discounts on tickets to InnovationAus extravaganzas like The Capability Papers launch, or the InnovationAus 2023 Awards for Excellence at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney on November 1.

Please note: If you are already a subscriber to our daily newsletter, you will still need to subscribe to the website in order to access premium articles.

In putting the subscription infrastructure in place, we collect very basic information – Name, Organisation, Position and Email address – as is standard practice these days.

You will need to be logged into the site to leave comments on stories, which we absolutely encourage. (We have been forced to shut down the ability to leave comments on because of an unmanageable deluge of AI-generated comments that flooded the site.) The subscription service has allowed us to open the site back to comments from our readers.

The community of readers is made up of a wonderful bunch, spread across the private sector corporates, startups, government at all levels, professional services firms, academia, institutional researchers and students.

If you have any queries about subscriptions, or site licences and volume discounts, please email the InnovationAus managing director Catherine Arnott on

After eight years, the introduction of a subscription model is a massive change for us (and an implementation challenge). Revenue generated through subscriptions will be ploughed back into the journalism, enabling broader and deeper coverage.

You can find further details here. Thank you for your support. All feedback is welcome.

James Riley
Editorial Director

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