APS maps new digital career paths

A new ‘Digital Professional Stream Strategy will be implemented across the public service to attract new tech savvy professionals and lift the public services’s digital skills game.

Launched by the Public Service Commissioner Peter Woolcott, the strategy was called out in David Thodey’s review of the public service published late last year with the aim of lifting in-house skills and expertise to provide more formalised public service career pathways, as well as other significant initiatives. 

“The Digital Professional Stream Strategy is a structured way to drive a cohesive and engaged digital profession through building digital expertise and delivering for the government and the community” Mr Woolcott said.

Australian Public Service to lift its digital game

The Government’s Digital Transformation Strategy highlights the impact of the digital age on how the APS works. One of its strategic priorities is to create a government that is fit and adaptive in the digital age. This includes equipping the APS with the skills needed to deliver world-leading services and engage with current and future challenges.

“The COVID-19 pandemic has underscored, in the sharpest way possible, the need for the APS to be more joined up and agile with digital technology if we are to effectively meet community expectations” said Mr Woolcott.

Late last year, Mr Woolcott announced the HR professional stream and this has been followed with the digital strategy launched earlier this week.

The Strategy takes into account international experiences and lessons learned in the UK, Singapore and Canada. It has also been informed by research and partnerships forged with industry, government, the community and academia, all of which will continue to help inform the continued development of the digital profession.

Mr Woolcott also announced that Randall Brugeaud had been appointed to the newly-created role of Digital Head of Profession. Mr Brugeaud is chief executive of of the Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) . As Head of Profession, he will champion the digital professional stream and collaboration across agencies.

Mr Woolcott said the DTA had developed a reputation for removing barriers to collaboration and reform in the APS and this was being accelerated as a consequence of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“They have already made remarkable progress on the digital front” he said. “It will be important for the Head of the Digital Profession to work with heads of APS departments and agencies to ensure we do not revert to business as usual when we emerge from the current crisis”.

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