ATO connects with KINSHIP for social engagement

Nicole Bittar

KINSHIP digital has been chosen to deliver a social media customer engagement management, publishing and listening platform to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

“We are thrilled to be able to support the ATO to enhance its citizen engagement,” said Caitlin Green from KINSHIP digital – which is a leading provider of digital media management and open-source intelligence (OSINT) solutions.

The derivation of the KINSHIP name implies the connection and relationship between two or more entities, and the company’s new partnership with the ATO represents its immersion in government and steadfast focus on customer-led innovation.

The transition to the ATO’s new platform will be seamless, with no impact to the client experience or to business-as-usual social media work. KINSHIP digital’s strategic role will include initial system integration, configuration, and ongoing management services.

KINSHIP digital CEO Caitlin Green

“The problem we are seeking to solve – that is, the ability for government agencies to deliver citizen-centric outcomes and to respond to crises – is increasingly driven through their ability to effectively understand the key issues that drive online public sentiment,” said Alex Harper, KINSHIP digital Chief Customer Officer.

The Australian SME will facilitate a gradual transition to the new platform in a phased approach, while also training staff and outsourced contractors on how to use the technology that enables it.

“Our platform will help the ATO connect with key audiences, while reporting on, moderating, governing and analysing their social media interactions in real time,” Ms Green said.

KINSHIP’s comprehensive solution will enable the ATO to gather and analyse publicly available information from a range of sources, and make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available.

It will also be able to access real-time publicly available citizen and media-driven conversations to extract insights using public sector trained Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Experience and runs on the board

In fulfilling its specialisation of understanding, developing and protecting its clients’ reputations and staff on modern digital channels, KINSHIP digital works with a range of Australian government agencies, including Defence Australia, the City of Sydney, the Department of Home Affairs, and Transport for NSW.

With an already prominent footprint in the Australian public sector, KINSHIP digital’s technological capabilities enable federal and state government agencies to access publicly available citizen and media-driven online conversations (OSINT) — from which key insights are extracted, using public sector-trained artificial intelligence.

This empowers those agencies to guide all strata of enterprise leadership, from policy decision-making to communications strategies.

KINSHIP digital’s depth and reach also extends to partnering with government to facilitate the transition to modern communication platforms and uses, such as online citizen service and social media publications.

With its methodologies deeply embedded in governmental thinking, KINSHIP digital’s public sector experience continues to facilitate customer and citizen-led digital transformation, with a start-to-finish approach that serves to streamline efficiencies.

“Our end-to-end digital solutions drive business-process improvement through a variety of smart services, frameworks and solutions that help our clients take control, succeed and lead in the world of social and digital media,” Ms Green said.

“We look forward to using our expertise in understanding and developing businesses on modern digital channels, to further empower the ATO from a digital maturity perspective.”

This article was produced by in partnership with KINSHIP digital.

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