Shortlist: Voting opens for prestigious People’s Choice Award

James Riley
Editorial Director

Have you got an eye for innovation? Public voting has now opened for prestigious People’s Choice award in the 2021 Awards for Excellence.

A shortlist of 27 of Australia’s most ambitious companies has been selected from all the entries to each of the other categories by our distinguished panel of judges. This is your chance to have a say on who you think are the most impressive companies coming through in 2021.

The People’s Choice Award is a crowd favourite. This shortlist of Australia’s most exciting companies gives our readers a chance to vote on their choice of the most outstanding Australian innovation of the year.

You can view more details on each of the shortlisted companies by clicking through to the People’s Choice pages here.

People ChOice
Let the people decide: People’s Choice Award

Please take some time to read the descriptions and listen to the stories behind these amazing companies, their innovations and the plans that each company has to push their ambitions further. Click on the videos to find out more about these innovations.

Anyone can vote, and everyone has one vote each. And we encourage readers to share their favourites through social channels. Finalists for the other categories will be announced on Monday 4 October.

The People’s Choice Award is sponsored by Sydney-headquartered Squiz, an enterprise digital experience and transformation leader, which has offices all across Australia, as well as in the United Kingdom, Poland, the United States and New Zealand.

“With so many Australian companies – old and new – doing incredible things with tech, the People’s Choice award is a great opportunity for voters to see all that our community of innovators has to offer, and vote on their favourite,” said Squiz co-founder and executive chair John-Paul Syriatowicz.

“It’s exciting to be involved in the inaugural Awards. They come at such an important time, as we see our leading innovators putting Australia on the global tech map,” he said.

Our People’s Choice shortlist is:

3ME Technology – 3ME Technology’s game changing innovation is a large-format, high performance, lithium-ion battery system that has been trademarked as the Bladevolt.

Advanced Mobility Analytics – Using Video Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Deep Learning, and Advanced Econometrics, Advanced Mobility Analytics has solved the challenge of predictive analytics for road safety, operations and infrastructure.

AKQA – The Australian AKQA team created Action Audio- an accessibility system for sports broadcasts that allows people with blindness and low vision to experience the sports they love, in real time, alongside their sighted friends and family.

Avertro – A venture-backed global cybersecurity software company that has built the world’s first Cyber Management Decision System (MDS), helping leaders manage the business of cyber using defensible insights to determine what is essential.

Baraja – Sydney-based Baraja has reinvented LiDAR (Light detection and ranging) sensors for self-driving vehicles, and uses its own patented Spectrum-Scan Platform to solve problems legacy LiDAR products have failed to overcome.

Bodd – An Australian owned 3D Body Scanning SaaS business, Bodd has developed proprietary 3D full-body scanners that capture precise body data and help empower the future of retail.

BRYK Group – BRYK.ID is a digital Identity Proofing & Corroboration (IPC) platform that conveniently allows you to verify your identity by combining 3D facial authentication against your government issued ID documents using a smartphone or webcam in real-time.

CSIRO, Coviu – Australia’s most trusted video telehealth solution, Coviu’s purpose-built, secure, feature-rich platform has enabled 65,000+ Australian health carers to deliver more than 4.3 million remote consultations and become the Australian Government’s video telehealth platform of choice.

CSIRO, Quasar – CSIRO technology will enable new Aussie company Quasar Satellite Technologies to create ground stations capable of communicating with hundreds of satellites simultaneously. The technology breakthrough – pioneered by the same team that enabled the world to connect without wires using fast WiFi – is set to revolutionise the US$130 billion satellite ground communications market.

Dash Tools, by BHP – Dash Tools was developed and funded by BHP to eliminate fatality risk to front line maintainers working on heavy mobile earth-moving machines like excavators, trucks and bull dozers. Dash puts sensors in harm’s way – not people, and by doing so turns legacy analogue mobile machines into cloud connected digital assets.

eleXsys Energy – The capacity of electricity networks to host this amount of clean, distributed energy resources (DER) is limited by voltage instability created by increasing amounts of rooftop solar. eleXsys Energy’s solution addresses this limitation and is key to transitioning to a clean energy future.

Office of the eSafety Commissioner – Safety by Design encourages organisations to put user safety and rights at the centre of the design and development of online products and services, rather than retrofitting safeguards after the damage has been done. Designed with the industry, for the industry.

Fenn Foods – Producing Australia’s largest range of locally produced plant-based meat products, Fenn Foods’ innovation in production techniques, textures and flavour profiles have positioned the company as the leader in this industry. In 2020 the company produced the world’s first carbon-neutral certified plant-based mince and will have the whole company carbon neutral certified by 2022

GERMii Australia – Proudly manufactured in Australia, GERMii developed specialised light technology in Australia that eliminates pathogens such as COVID-19 in seconds, on any surface chemical free. Used properly, light is completely safe.

Gilmour Space Technologies – The core of Gilmour Space’ innovation is an orbital-class hybrid propulsion engine that has been proven to overcome major performance issues for hybrid rockets. Since launching its first rocket in 2016, Gilmour Space has conducted hundreds of successful hot fires, achieving a record 91 kilonewtons of thrust and a mission-duration firing of our main engine.

Haventec – The solution pioneered by Haventec is passwordless multifactor authentication, which is predicted by analysts to become the authentication norm during 2022. This is a testament to Haventec’s genuinely Australian technology innovation and its global applicability.

Hypersonix Launch Systems – A modern aerospace engineering design and build company that specialises in scramjets and hypersonic launch systems. Hypersonix’ technology disrupts the aerospace industry with focus on high-speed aviation and small satellite launch at zero CO2 emissions.

LAB3 – The LAB3 SensorMine product is a ground-breaking data-driven, wireless monitoring solution which leverages cutting-edge cloud based IoT technology to revolutionise mining operations.

Murdoch Children’s Research Institute – The Victorian Clinical Genetics Service (VCGS) is the pioneering genetic services arm of the MCRI. Four years ago it set out an ambitious goal: to speed up genomic testing so that we can find answers for critically ill babies and children with rare disease in time to help their clinical care across Australia. VCGS has now provided a genomic test report in less than five days to over 350 Australian families.

MyPass Global – Its innovation is a single system of record, centred on a Digital Skills Passport called MyPass. The key difference with MyPass is that workers are in control and are empowered to share their verified information (Skills Passport) with one or more employers, training institutions, site owners or industry bodies.

Nuheara – Headquartered in Perth, Nuheara is an innovative hearing health company that has developed proprietary and multi-functional intelligent hearing technology that augments a person’s hearing and facilitates connection to smart devices and our companion app.

Pitcrew AI – Serving the autonomous vehicles used in the mining sector, Pitcrew AI replaces and expands upon functions that used to be performed by human drivers by providing autonomous inspection technology to support the autonomous fleets of the mining industry.

Presien – There are roughly 150 fatal accidents and 100,000 serious injuries in the Australian workplace every year. Presien developed a solution called Blindsight, an artificial intelligence safety system to effortlessly protect people in dynamic environments. It stops accidents by alerting vehicle operators to people (and other specified objects) in their blind spots, and automates health and safety reporting, including video.

Sea Forest Limited – Sea Forest is cultivating a natural solution to climate change by developing technologies to sustainably cultivate Asparagopsis seaweed. When included in very low quantities as a feed supplement, Aspargopsis greatly reduces the production of methane from livestock.

Sleeptite – REMi is a world-first, non-invasive aged care resident monitoring and alert system consisting of stretchable electronics embedded into a medical grade mattress cover. It tracks a person’s movements in bed to assist carers with night-time monitoring, fall prevention and pressure sore management.

SPEE3D – an innovative supplier of metal-based additive manufacturing technology, SPEE3D focuses on the development, assembly, and distribution of machines and integrated system solutions based on the patented cold-spray technology.

UNSW SMaRT Centre – the UNSW Sustainable Materials Research and Technology (SMaRT) Centre founding director Professor Veena Sahajwalla is the inventor of polymer injection technology, known as green steel, an eco-friendly process for using recycled tyres in steel production.

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