Commercial success

Judges will review what commercial success looks like at your organisation, your export potential or success stories within the international marketplace. We want to see evidence of your company’s track record in creating a product or service, then effectively selling to domestic and/ or international markets. It’s a Commercial Disco(very)!

Innovative AI Technology

The extent to which the AI technology demonstrates novel and original approaches, algorithms, or methodologies, contributing to meaningful market differentiation. We are looking for AI solutions that address market challenges with a unique and non-replicable approach, creating a competitive advantage or 'moat' for the product. While not all components of the AI solution need to be entirely new, we are particularly interested in how the applicant's innovation introduces novel AI capabilities, tools, or methods that contribute to their competitive differentiation and strengthen their intellectual property (IP) portfolio.


What is your company’s impact on its sector? Does your product or service take Australian smarts and create new jobs and wealth for the nation, or make the lives of citizens better? Does your innovation inspire through originality and ambition? Judges will review how entrants are aligning their success measures – such as addressing challenges facing Australians.

Safe and Responsible AI

Judges will evaluate the extent to which entrants demonstrate a commitment to responsible AI practices. This includes considerations such as fairness, transparency, accountability, and the mitigation of potential biases in the development and deployment of AI technologies. Additionally, the extent to which entrants incorporate responsible AI principles into their business strategy and decision-making processes will be considered.

Scalability and Sustainability

Judges will assess the scalability and sustainability of the AI technology and business model. This includes evaluating the potential for the company to grow its operations, expand into new markets, and sustain its success over the long term. Factors such as scalability of the technology, ability to adapt to changing market conditions, and efforts to minimise environmental impact and resource usage will be considered.