Big-hearted GP gets ticker upgrade

James Riley
Editorial Director

Veteran technology reporter and foundation contributor Graeme Philipson is resting comfortably at St George Private Hospital after undergoing quadruple-bypass heart surgery on Monday.

Philipson, 61, was last night sitting up – alert – and very happy to still be here, according to partner in life, Sharon Rowland.

Sharon said the surgical team reported a procedure with no complications and said Graeme was expected to make good recovery. He will be in hospital for a week, before a period of home rehabilitation.

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To all of GP’s many, many friends I can report this; He is doing well, he has a tough rehab coming his way, but he has Shazza on his team. He will be back in true GP form before we know it.

“He is really looking at this as an opportunity. He has been so positive. He always looks on the bright side and is grabbing this new opportunity with gusto,” Sharon said.

Philipson’s last week must be a blur. His very sudden illness could have very easily produced a much sadder ending had he not read the warning signs, and taken them seriously.

Last Wednesday he had been feeling a bit off, and more than a little breathless. He had been uncomfortable, but thought he’d be right to head into the city for an evening function. He jumped on a train to the city, thinking getting active might shake it off.

But still feeling breathless and not quite right, he got off his train at Redfern and turned around to head back to Shazza in the Shire. He took himself to Sutherland Hospital, where he was told he’d had a mild heart attack.

He had some tests, and was told that he was exactly where he needed to be. In hospital. He was transferred to St George Private and three days later was having a quadruple bypass.

On a personal note, I will say this to all my friends. As the years now pass faster than we thought possible, please do like GP did: Read the signs. Take them seriously. Take care of yourselves.

We nearly lost GP this last week. And that would have made us all very sad indeed.

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