Call for Papers: What burning policy ideas can you put forward?

James Riley
Editorial Director

Are you a passionate participant in the Australian innovation ecosystem? Do you have a burning set of industry policy ideas that you believe will help our local innovators to thrive? Well, we want to hear from you. is putting out an open call for industry policy papers – calls-to-action that will help to build Australian capability, create new industries, new wealth, and new jobs.

Today we launch a new project: The Innovation Papers. We are casting far and wide for new ideas and new thinking to help shift government industry policy and to drive better social and economic outcomes for all Australians.

The Innovation Papers project takes the form of a published set of papers to be launched at a conference of ideas in Canberra in early August, where each of the authors will be given the chance to present their ideas in front of peers and policymakers.

In search of fresh thinking and new ideas will give these ideas –fresh, grassroots thinking – as much oxygen as we can muster. It will be an Ideas Boom 2.0 (except we won’t be spending $34 million advertising it in bus shelters.)

“Big ideas often don’t cut through typical media cycles, so we are going back to basics to provide the space and the format to engage our best thinkers on ideas to address the nation’s biggest opportunities,” publisher Corrie McLeod.

We have invited a handful of leaders from business, academia, research, startups and venture capital to contribute major think-pieces to The Innovation Papers, and to present at the conference launch.

But now it is your turn. This process is open to everyone. What needs to happen, not just to improve our innovation outcomes, but to improve our country and the lives of its citizens?

We encourage people to think BIG, and then to develop ideas that are BIGGER AGAIN. We seek solution-driven ideas. This is not about the current federal election. Regardless of the outcome on May 21, industry policy in Australia is ready for a reset.

And it is for the participants in our innovation ecosystem – from renewables pioneers to the rocket makers, the farm automation developers, the quantum physicists, and AI coders, and biomedical engineers to the FinTech’s to the battery-makers – it is time to get loud.

This is a chance to say loudly and clearly to government, whether it has just been returned or whether it is newly formed: “This proposal is important to the future of the nation.”

If you would like to propose a policy paper for publication in The Innovation Papers, please email us by COB on Monday 16th May at and set out your thinking in a couple of hundred words. We will get back in touch about expanding on the proposal.

Each of the final policy papers will range in length from a short, sharp 500 words to a lengthy 2,000-3,000 word opus. We will notify the authors of the successful proposals by Thursday 19th May.

We want all the papers commissioned ahead of the election. But we don’t want the policy thinking to be framed by this election.

Get your head into the blue skies: What’s good for the nation in the long-term and how do we get there.

Any queries, please contact me directly at or the team at

It is the right time for a policy rethink. We invite you to throw your hat in the ring.

We want to hear from as many different geographies and as many different industries as there are in Australia.

Do you know more? Contact James Riley via Email.

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