Digital Health, BioTech & MedTech


Australia has all the ingredients necessary to build large, export-focused industries across Digital Health, BioTech and MedTech. We have a strong medical research community and strong, targeted research funding.

We have a sophisticated, highly regulated healthcare system, with clinical trial frameworks that are the envy of the world. Universal healthcare is a largely bi-partisan issue. We have a growing entrepreneurial support system that attracted increased VC attention.

So how is it that significant gaps remain between commercial potential of our Digital Health, BioTech and MedTech ventures and their ability to achieve scale? Between building domestic capability in these sectors through Industry programs and growing these companies through the health systems – there remains yawning gaps.

The Capability Papers: Digital Health, BioTech & MedTech roundtable luncheon put a spotlight on some of these gaps. Moderated by editorial director James Riley, the roundtable looked at what it will take to build domestic capability, create jobs and wealth, and improve Australia’s critical health supply chains.

This roundtable luncheon was hosted by in partnership with ANDHealth and the national science agency, CSIRO.

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