Coordination is govt’s only cybersecurity superpower

James Riley
Editorial Director

  1. Roger Buhlert 8 months ago

    Great comments James and might I add that I cannot see why Governments in Australia cannot collaborate more with other software implementation concerns it would save a hell of a lot in wasted time and resources in IT Spend. For example you mentioned Sharepoint which does not truly fully meet the specific requirements of a records and information management system. It has been thrown in at the deep end not only in the private sector but also in the Govt sector matching it with Office 365/Teams. Agencies then have to go through the hoops and money to integrate it with software like Avepoint/Content Manager and other like software to comply with regulatory requirements in each state/territory and federally

  2. Digital Koolaid 9 months ago

    James, if we all followed Malcolm Turnbull’s policy of “cloud first”, and all our transactional systems are “in the cloud”, and all the data that is used in those processes is stored “in the cloud” – I’m here to tell you that any unauthorised access to my stuff in their cloud is their liability. People get their hands on my stuff – I sue Amazon / Microsoft / Vault for all the money in the world. I expect to have “built in resilience”, because I’ve paid lots of taxpayer money to a big cloud vendor. Mr Bauer talks about the roles of governments, law enforcement and intelligence agencies – but not AWS, Azure and the other vendors. The APS has outsourced cyber-security through “cloud first”. Great! We can all stop screaming about it and throwing lots more taxpayer $$$ at it – can’t we? If all the APS transactional systems are “in the cloud”, and all their secret documents are in a Sharepoint instance, any penetration is the vendor’s problem. Isn’t security “baked in” and we already pay, don’t we? Didn’t Malcolm say the cloud was “more secure”?

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