Data sharing policy pitfalls

James Riley
Editorial Director

Data management and regulation issues in the Australian government sector were all key discussion points at the Data and Analytics Policy Strategy Session held as part of’s Civic Nation 2018.

Download the issues paper here.

Hosted by PwC and featuring opening remarks from NSW chief data scientist and NSW Data Analytics Centre chief executive Ian Opperman, the session brought together senior players from across state and federal government, academia and industry.

In an open discussion it was widely understood that, despite initial problems and doubts, data sharing is a growing reality. Yet the federal government and most state governments have been grappling with the complexities of digital identity management for some years now.

Those in the room also agreed that a major problem with data sharing is that too many organisations assume they actually own the information they collect.

The policy roundtable also explored that there must be two sides to privacy. Citizens are wary about handing too much information to government. Yet, consumers are far less vigilant in many other circumstances, as evidenced by their willingness to share information with companies like Facebook.

The extensive discussion has been produced into a Civic National Data and Analytics Issues Paper, which is available to anyone who wants to grasp the state of play in this important innovation policy.

Download your copy of’s Data and Analytics Issues Paper, produced in partnership with PwC, for more details.

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