Deloitte gets another giant myGov pay rise

Denham Sadler
National Affairs Editor

Deloitte has been given another pay rise for its work on a new social media-inspired myGov platform, with the consulting giant to now receive more than $23 million from the federal government for the six-month job.

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) handed Deloitte the contract to build GovDXP Horizon 1, a beta model of a new government digital “experience” platform to run alongside myGov, in mid-March.

At the time, it was worth just over $9 million and ran until mid-September.

In mid-May, this contract was amended, with Deloitte’s paycheck doubled in size. Now, just two weeks later, it has been amended again and increased by a further $3,548,075. The tender was updated on Tuesday.

DTA Deloitte
Green Dot: Rainmaker DTA hands Deloitte another big pay day

Deloitte will now be paid $23,030,243 to build out GovDXP into a beta product, after having already been paid nearly $1 million to develop a prototype of the platform in a “90-day sprint”.

And while Deloitte is working on the platform, its rival McKinsey will be paid nearly $1 million to develop a business case for it.

GovDXP will initially run alongside myGov, with an aim to offer a better user experience for people accessing government services online, more in-line with private sector companies like Facebook. The DTA is leading the project and running it in a number of stages, or “horizons”.

Horizon 0 has already been completed and saw design elements from Deloitte’s prototype incorporated in the COVID-19 homepage.

Horizon 1, which Deloitte’s $23 million contract relates to, involves the creation of a platform delivering personalised content to users, such as a web-based myGov inbox, opt-in notifications and login access to the myGov platform.

The final stage of the GovDXP project will allow users to browse information and manage government services in a centralised location, including a dashboard, profile, inbox and forms.

“The platform will collect services, apps and other customer experience capabilities to give users everything they need,” the DTA said recently.

“This will operate on a ‘Netflix’ model, providing users with what they need to do next based on their previous interactions with government services – similar to Netflix’s ‘recommended to you’.”

Work on that project had been slated to begin in July, with the government yet to reveal who the tender has been awarded to.

GovDXP is a crucial plank of Services Australia’s strategy, which aims to provide more cohesive digital services to Australians.

“This myGov update will offer government information and services across portfolios and jurisdictions and will integrate these around the events people experience in their life, such as having a baby or experiencing a natural disaster,” the DTA said in a blog post.

“It will improve the way people and businesses interact with government information and services. Enhancements to myGov will enable a more effective model for government to deliver the information and services people and businesses need, in a way that works for them.”

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