DTA seeks new myGov platform provider

Denham Sadler
National Affairs Editor

The DTA is on the hunt for an organisation to help design a revamped myGov platform, building on a $1 million prototype made by Deloitte.

The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) is in the process of updating myGov, with an aim to build a new government digital experience platform, dubbed GOVDXP.

The platform would provide government services across departments and jurisdictions, and eventually be able to integrate life events like having a child.

The agency has said this is a key plank of the new Services Australia strategy, providing “simple, smart and personalised services to customers”.

DTA seeks new digital experience platform

A prototype of this platform has already been developed, with the DTA working with Deloitte on the $1 million, 90-day project sprint earlier this year.

The DTA has now gone back to the market for a “systems integrator with hosting and software partnerships” to develop the actual platform, which will operate as an extension to myGov and operate in parallel with it.

“It will improve the way people and businesses interact with government information and services. Enhancements to myGov will enable a more effective model for government to deliver the information and services people and businesses need, in a way that works for them,” the DTA said.

The tender, posted on the Digital Marketplace, is open until 15 April. The agency is looking for an organisation that can bring digital government services in line with those found in the private sector.

It said that the Services Australia strategy, which has not been publicly released, found that digital services are too fragmented and difficult to use, and a single platform where “customers” can access services and information is needed.

The prototype was co-designed by Deloitte, the DTA and Services Australia, demonstrating “market-leading approaches for the implementation of it and showcases the capabilities required to deliver great services to people that support them through key life events”.

The prototype was designed based on significant user research, the agency said.

Late last year Services Australia Minister Stuart Robert released a video outlining the “vision” of Services Australia. It included a prototype of the revamped myGov platform, which closely resembles a social media site.

The DTA has also revealed plans to integrate its digital identity service, myGovID, with the new myGov platform.

Work on the new version of myGov is slated to begin from the next financial year.

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  1. @digikoolaid 4 years ago

    Mr Sadler, why am I sill reading nonsense like “integrate life events like having a child” – after years and years ??? Just read the words 3 times and try to make any sense of them. They are meaningless. An application server / web server is going to “integrate” something like a maternity ward ?? It’s 2020 (35 Internet years after the DTA started out as the DTO) and people are still publishing empty claims like “It will improve the way people and businesses interact with government information and services.” Sure, when ?? It’s 2020 and “digital services are too fragmented and difficult to use.” Wow, I love a strategy that tells me what’s wrong. I need to know what’s wrong, because I didn’t know. The strategy is to tell me what’s wrong, not what to do about it ??? Denham, would you please get your critical thinking happening again, and work really hard not to just publish the same old, same old ? Please get thinking and stop being so gullible. And please stop pretending that there will be a competitive tender. There will be one submission, from the guys who did the prototype. Then the price will double. Check the recent reports by the ANAO about massive price increases after tenders are granted (to the 1 tenderer). Hey, stay well too, and thanks.

    ps. Do we get the money back now that the old myGov thing didn’t work properly ? Just asking …

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