eSafety mandates file scanning technology, but offers flexibility

Brandon How

The eSafety Commissioner has not backed down from requiring platform tech and generative AI providers to scan and remove child sexual abuse and pro-terror material from their services with the release of two new mandatory standards, although some changes have been made since the draft in response to ongoing privacy and security concerns.

The ‘relevant electronic services’ (RES) standard covers online gaming, end-to-end encrypted messaging, and dating apps, whereas the ‘designated internet services’ (DIS) standard covers generative AI services, machine learning platforms, and end-user managed services such as cloud storage for files or photos.

During the drafting phase of the new standards, the Office of the eSafety Commissioner had said it did not expect the use of tech that would “implement or build a systemic weakness, or a systemic vulnerability, into the service”, but this has now been formally included, providing assurance to service providers.

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