Innovation Papers: A policy forum for industry growth

James Riley
Editorial Director

Australia’s tech and innovation leadership from across from industry, research and government will present policy papers in front of peers and policymakers at a special forum at the National Gallery in Canberra in August.

The Innovation Papers is also a hard copy publication – in newspaper format – that brings together the policy ideas of the nation’s leading thinkers on what it takes to commercialise IP, build companies and create new industries.

The Innovation Papers [Live] event at the National Gallery is the public presentation of those ideas and frameworks for growth, followed by a one-of-kind networking lunch of ecosystem leaders.

Hosted by, the publication and the forum brings together the different horizontal and vertical strands that make up the Australian tech and innovation ecosystem.

It is our role to put the very different parts of the ecosystem into the same room, to expose different industry silos and interests to each other’s challenges and capabilities.

Whether they are from manufacturing or mining or agriculture or financial services, whether from large companies or small, we want these innovators and entrepreneurs smashing ideas together, recognising common challenges and interests, and putting forward policy proposals for government to consider.

The Innovation Papers newspaper will publish more than 30 policy papers, most of which will be presented by the author at the National Gallery event on August 4.

The first round of confirmed contributors includes:

  • Ellen Broad, Associate Professor at ANU School of Cybernetic
  • Professor Michael Biercuk, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Q-CTRL
  • Adam Gilmour, Founder and Chief Executive Officer at Gilmour Space Technologies
  • Professor Roy Green, Chairman, Port of Newcastle; Special Innovation Advisor at University of Technology, Sydney
  • Kate Pounder, Chief Executive Officer at Technology Council of Australia
  • Catherine Thompson, Co-Founder at Hypereal
  • Adrian Turner, Fire and Flood Resilience Lead, Mindaroo Foundation
  • Sally-Ann Williams, Chief Executive Officer at Cicada Innovations

“The Innovation Papers project aims to put a spotlight on the challenges and the opportunities of our innovators and entrepreneurs, and to present ideas and frameworks for how government policy makers can help,” said publisher Corrie McLeod.

“One of the important roles that plays is to make sure that the different parts of ecosystem maintain visibility over each other, and the Innovation Papers project puts them on the same pages and in the same room,” Ms McLeod said.

“As the saying goes, when you change governments, you change the nation. Well, we want the new Albanese government to hear from our tech and innovation leaders. This is especially important right now as Treasurer Jim Chalmers prepares an October mini-Budget, setting directions for government.”

“Of course, there are challenges, but there are tremendous opportunities for Australia right now across a range of industries, if we can get our policy settings right.”

The Innovation Papers [Live] event and networking lunch will be held at the National Gallery in Canberra on Thursday August 4. Numbers are limited. You can book your tickets by clicking here.

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