InnovationAus 2021 Awards: Cybersecurity finalists

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The cybersecurity defences of many privately-run Australian companies have become a national priority, with the federal government set to soon pass critical infrastructure laws that would allow the government to intervene as a “last resort” when companies are under attack.

Meanwhile, Labor’s Tim Watts has been seeking to introduce a bill that would require companies to report to government if they have been hit by ransomware. Furthermore, the government is considering banning insurance reimbursements for companies opting to make ransomware payments.

Since the launch of the first Australian Government Cybersecurity Strategy in 2016, the local cyber landscape has evolved dramatically as attacks ramp up, especially from state-sponsored actors.

From a handful of companies five years ago, there are now hundreds of Australian cyber companies – many based on deep-tech research in everything from cryptography to artificial intelligence.

In response to the increase of malicious cyber activity around the world, Australian cybersecurity infrastructure has matured significantly.

Companies involved in digital identity, simplifying the authentication experience, and bridging the gap between the technical and business aspects of cyber have been nominated as finalists in the Cybersecurity category, sponsored by Mimecast.

The finalists in this category are:

“Cyber resilience is a key concern for businesses and governments globally, with Australian organisations driving innovation as the threat landscape evolves,” said Nick Lennon, ANZ country manager at Mimecast. “We’re proud to partner with InnovationAus to acknowledge the achievements of Australian cybersecurity changemakers with the potential to make an impact globally.”

The InnovationAus 2021 Awards for Excellence will be presented at a gala black-tie dinner held on Wednesday, December 1, at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in Sydney. You can book your tickets at the Awards website. For further enquiries, please email

Behind the finalists

The BRYK Group (BRYK) is an Australian business dedicated to delivering software solutions that improve client’s organisations and their customer’s experience. Whether the solution is custom-built, one of its in-house products, or based upon an open-source or third-party vendor platform, BRYK claim to be the experts in the art and science of successful delivery. It says its talent is its ability to deliver business transformation and improvements quickly and correctly, for the lowest total cost of ownership. This has seen BRYK design, implement and support many industrial-strength, mission-critical solutions across Australian and International marketplaces.

The Office of the eSafety Commissioner’s (eSafety) purpose is to help safeguard Australians at risk from online harms and to promote safer, more positive online experiences. One way it achieves this is through its proactive and systemic change work, including its safety by design initiative – which puts user safety at the centre of the design, development and deployment of online products and services.

Avertro is a venture-backed global cybersecurity software company based in Sydney. It houses the world’s first cyber management decision system (MDS) that helps leaders manage the business of cyber using defensible insights to determine what is essential. The Avertro platform automates, streamlines and bridges the gap between the technical and business aspects of cyber by codifying the relationships between data points and producing the right metrics to make defensible, data-driven decisions every day.

Haventecis a digital privacy company that has developed, validated and commercialised a globally patented platform that stops usernames and passwords from being stolen. Haventec Authenticate is an automated multi-factor authentication solution that is substantially more secure than current authentication processes and provides a seamless experience using the latest passwordless and biometrics technology. Haventec was founded with the vision of enabling the open enterprise to engage digitally, without the risk of maintaining and operating large repositories of sensitive information.

Cynterra is a new generation cloud cybersecurity and data analytics service provider offering security compliance, data protection, visibility, and threat protection services for government and private organisations. Cynterra’s product portfolio is based around the concept of securing network services, cloud data, and content distribution via Australian Signals Directorate compliant gateways within the public clouds.

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