Leveraging but not lowballing: Deloitte defends myGov work

Joseph Brookes
Senior Reporter

  1. winegoddess24@gmail.com 5 months ago

    Its pretty sad this is paywalled. You’re essentially investigating what may be corruption, and then covering it up again with your paywall. Real service to the community there.

    • Avatar photo
      James Riley 5 months ago

      Our reporters deserve to get paid for the excellent work that they do. Their work has value and it should be recognised as having value. I don’t understand the argument against paying journalists for their work. If you are a reader who cannot afford a subscription, you are welcome to email subscriber@innovationaus.com and request a complimentary subscription. We aim to reach as many people as possible across our broad innovation ecosystem and will find a way to help groups auch as students (in particular) to access our pages, or early stage startup companies.

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