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James Riley
Administrator is delighted to announce that Elaine McFadden has joined the team as Editor and Partnerships Manager. As a journalist and event producer, Elaine brings a wealth of skills and experience that are an ideal fit for the model.

Prior to joining the team, Elaine was Senior Conference Director at Association and Communications Events and was responsible for the agenda, content and staging of leading industry staples such as the Technology in Government Summit and the Australian Broadcasting Digital Media Summit. She was also heavily involved in the launch of the Connect Expo, Australia’s fastest growing business technology event.

In her new role Elaine will manage the daily flow of news and commentary as editor and also provide her own perspectives on industry trends and issues. Elaine will also be a key link to the partner program and will be instrumental in developing the commercial strategy.

“We are incredibly fortunate that Elaine became available when she did. She has been a first-class event producer precisely in the area of specific interest to, and a highly regarded journalist before that,” said Editorial Director James Riley.

“Our mission is to build a platform where genuine policy discussion about the innovation sector in Australia can take place, and Elaine brings a swag of skills that will help us to do exactly that.” publisher Corrie McLeod said the six weeks since launch had been incredibly busy and instructive for the project with a great deal of positive support from industry and policy leaders.

“It has been particularly encouraging to get feedback from right across the industry that a publication of this type is a welcome addition to the Australian media landscape,” McLeod said.

We have outpaced our projected reader numbers, published some great exclusive stories and invested in building out our channels. There is a real thirst for this kind of policy discussion in the tech sector and the great feedback we’ve been getting tells us we’re on the right track.”

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