Goanna and Myriota combine on farm sensors

Peter Roberts

Farm sensor manufacturer Goanna Ag and IoT nanosatellite operator Myriota have combined to launch two innovative products to help farmers manage water resources, Go Rain and GoTank.

GoRain allows farmers to monitor rainfall at remote locations, providing information on rainfall variability that enables data driven decision-making.

GoTank updates livestock farmers via the industrial IoT on water levels in remote water tanks.

Goanna Ag Myriota
IoT space company Myriota has teamed up with Goanna Ag for a farm sensor service

Goanna Ag chief executive Alicia Garden said that GoRain and GoTank will play an important role in the future success of Australia’s $62 billion agriculture sector.

Ms Garden said: “Rainfall is the fundamental driver of agricultural production, and while we can’t make it rain more, GoRain and GoTank will bring confidence to decision making for our hard-working food and fibre producers.

“We believe that this technology will transform the Australian market and provide the information needed to support the industry in even the most challenging times.”

The partnership between Goanna Ag and Myriota uses Myriota’s network of nanosatellites, which provides a low-cost, low-power solution for IoT connected devices.

Data from rain gauges and tank monitors can now be collected from anywhere in the world and seamlessly displayed in Goanna Ag’s apps, Goanna Telemetry App (Google Play) and GoApp (App Store) – the first of their kind in the world.

Myriota chief executive Dr Alex Grant said that the launch of GoRain and GoTank comes at a critical time for the Australian agricultural sector.

“By providing the agricultural industry with data about precious on-farm water assets at the click of a button, Myriota and Goanna Ag are supporting the industry to make highly strategic decisions that will ensure the survival of crops and livestock,” Dr Grant said.

“GoRain and GoTank are able to obtain on-site data from anywhere and deliver that information to the farmer via the Myriota network – removing the guesswork and providing accurate data about on-farm water levels.”

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