Rail sector gathers for national manufacturing boost

David McClure

NSW Premier Chris Minns and federal Manufacturing minister Tim Ayres will bring together more than 100 representatives from the rail manufacturing supply chain in Penrith on Monday morning as part of a process to restore the industry across NSW and Australia.

The roundtable will include representatives from rollingstock manufacturers, as well as SMEs and unions involved in the wider rail manufacturing supply chain.

The Minns government says it supports the development of a nationally-coordinated approach to rail manufacturing, and says the NSW rail industry has a better chance to thrive when the broader Australian rail manufacturing sector is strong.

The roundtable includes academics, companies involved in R&D, along with transport and infrastructure department representatives from the Commonwealth and NSW, along with other states.

“This is a critical first step on the path to our commitment to build the next generation of trains that replace the Tangara here in NSW,” Premier Minns said in a statement.

“The only way we can rebuild our NSW rail manufacturing industry in a sustainable way is if we work with the Federal government on a coordinated, national approach.

“This important work will give our companies and workers the best chance to compete with their overseas rivals,” he said.

Manufacturing minister Senator Ayres welcomed the NSW commitment to build the next generation of trains locally.

“We want trains and rollingstock that are built and designed in Australia for Australian conditions,” Senator Ayres said.

“Our plan will ensure the sector is better placed to take advantage of the upcoming opportunities in rail procurement by driving a more nationally coordinated approach to rail manufacturing, to provide the certainty industry needs to invest in Australia.”

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