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James Riley
Editorial Director

Entrepreneurs don’t learn from replicating the success of other entrepreneurs.

They learn from replicating their problem and innovating the solution. And so to the crux of the latest publication, #IFSHECANICAN, from Inspiring Rare Birds, the networking, mentoring entrepreneurial global movement being led by serial entrepreneur herself, Jo Burston.

It’s been a big year for the founder of companies such as Job Capital and claimyourtax.com, to name but a few.

With a global vision of creating a one million strong community of female entrepreneurs by 2020, Burston and Rare Birds’ first title, Australia’s 50 Influential Women Entrepreneurs was published earlier in 2015.

Jo Burston: So many young people don’t know where to start with entrepreneurship*

Featuring the likes of Jodie Fox and Megan Quinn, it saw 50 well known business leaders share honest accounts of “breaking a few ceilings” and “carving a few pathways”, taking on massive risk as they went.

With this second publication however, Burston says the intention and vibe is very different, designed to form the foundations of something far greater.

“This demographic of women is really different,” she told InnovationAus.com ahead of the book’s launch which fittingly happens on Global Women Entrepreneurship Day, November 19th.

“They’re all gen Y, early 20s and early 30s at the oldest. The women share their journeys from day one – how they come up with the idea [for their business], what their ‘why’ was, how they went about building the business – and talking through all the typical challenges that an entrepreneur faces.”

With everything from confidence and objectives to business strategy, management and leadership covered off by the book’s participants, the “grungy” styled “textural workbook” is no coffee-table book. Instead it is designed to be written in, noted on, kept and referred to long into the future.

A future, Burston hopes, will see the book in every Australian school from primary through to third level, inspiring the entrepreneurs of the next generation.

“I know so many young people that don’t know where to start with entrepreneurship. They don’t understand what it is and how you go about it.

“So the younger that we can put this book into the hands of young women and young men, the better. I mean you could read this as a primary school student, a high school student or a university student and it would still be extremely relevant. And that is because entrepreneurship can be learnt from any age. I don’t believe that it’s only for older people.

“My absolute dream of the impact of this is to have it in every school in Australia, and every single university. We’re already getting demand for that,” Burston added.

#IFSHECANICAN is available to buy direct from Rare Birds and next on the agenda for the community of mentors and budding business leaders is an ‘entrepreneurial learning in action’ academy that will launch in January, using the case studies from the book to form the basis of fundamental business teachings.

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