Subscription model: Yes, it has come to this

Corrie McLeod

In the coming weeks, will introduce a subscription model to our technology and innovation policy news service as a sensible first step toward introducing a pay wall to value-added services.

Of course, we will continue to provide quality, independent reporting of tech policy in Australia, and putting a spotlight on our best and brightest companies.

In eight years of publishing, is proud of our track record in reporting and in events to serve this wonderful community of researchers, business leaders, entrepreneurs, public servants and innovators.

The changes we are making at – starting with the subscriber model – will enable us to maintain the current frequency of reporting, and the quality of our products.

It will also allow us to deliver more personalised editorial, and more importantly, to broaden our editorial coverage to specialist areas such as the dual-use Defence tech and ClimateTech, among a laundry list of other areas.

Corrie McLeod, Publisher

The initial changes are modest; nothing more than a requirement for the reader to log-in to access the thousands of the news articles and columns on the site.

To do this, we will collect basic information from our readers – name, organisation, position and email – and we will verify the email address, as is standard practice these days.

Over time we will introduce a paywall to get access to premium articles and value-added services. We are not in a hurry to do this, and we will be clear in our communications before any changes are made.

Why are we doing this now?

The arrival of artificial intelligence tools that spend their days scraping the un-gated internet and repackaging high-value reporting to resell as its own product is a challenge.

These are issues that all publishers are grappling with right now. We think that putting a gate at the entrance to the website is a sensible response and will ultimately add value to readers and to our broader stakeholder in the tech and innovation community.

This is a big step in the evolution not just of, but in the broader publishing industry. It is my plan to write a series of articles as we build out this model, outlining premium editorial and value-added services.

Keep and eye out for updates. And keep smiling!

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