The Innovation Papers: Last call for policy ideas

James Riley

As we head into the last days of a hard-fought federal election campaign, is putting out a final call to the ecosystem for industry policy ideas that will help our Australian entrepreneurs and innovators to thrive.

The deadline for policy proposals for written submissions to our hardcopy publication The Innovation Papers closes at midnight on Monday 16 May.

This is an open call. We are seeking calls to action from the participants in our broad innovation ecosystem for ideas, proposals and plans that will help to build Australian capability, create new industries, new jobs and new wealth.

You don’t have to write your paper by midnight. You just have to email your policy proposal to by midnight, and you will have until mid-June to get the paper written and submitted.

In search of fresh thinking and new ideas

The Innovation Papers will be bound and published as hard-copy and launched at a special policy summit in Canberra in early August in front of policymakers and ecosystem peers. The Innovation Papers’ authors will be invited to present their ideas.

The publication will also exist online as a multimedia series.

We are casting our net far and wide for ideas and input, across all sectors and all of our diverse Australian regions. From academics to small business owners, from Albany to Cape York: This is an open call to all of you.

We call for papers in the shadow of an election. But we strongly encourage our Innovation Papers authors to open themselves up to blue sky thinking, outside of electoral cycles.

What are the new ideas and new thinking to help shift government industry policy and to drive better social and economic outcomes for all Australians.

We have invited a handful of leaders from business, academia, research, startups and venture capital to contribute major think-pieces to the project.

But now it is your turn. This process is open to everyone. What needs to happen, not just to improve our innovation outcomes, but to improve our country and the lives of its citizens?

If you would like to propose a policy paper for publication in The Innovation Papers, please email us by midnight on Monday 16th May at and set out your thinking in just a couple of hundred words.

We will get back in touch about expanding on the proposal by Thursday May 19. The full paper would then be due in mid-June

Any queries, please contact me directly at or the team at

It is the right time for a policy rethink. We invite you to throw your hat in the ring.

Do you know more? Contact James Riley via Email.

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