The Capability Papers

Bill Shorten, Minister for Government Services and Minister for the NDIS

James Riley
Editorial Director

In this opening address at The Capability Papers [Live], Government Services minister Bill Shorten outlines a new direction for building the public sector technology infrastructure behind digital government services.

Mr Shorten said he wanted to see smaller, faster moving technology projects that incorporated more flexible development features that could accept failure earlier in the project to avoid bigger catastrophes down the track.

He argued for a switch to an ‘INVEST’ model for government digital service delivery projects, making them Independent, Negotiable, Valuable, Estimable, Small and Testable.

“If we want to do things slightly differently and … build capability, we need to perhaps look at small, innovative projects where the cost is in single digit millions rather than hundreds of millions,” Mr Shorten said.

You can read the report on Bill Shorten’s ministerial address to The Capability Papers [Live] forum by clicking here.

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