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Bridging the Cyber Divide: Ep3 – Demystifying the price of privilege

James Riley
Editorial Director

The rush to digitally transform has never been of greater importance, with the upheaval of a global health pandemic driving businesses like never before. On the flip side the proliferation of new initiatives and related technologies, has led to increased vulnerability to attack across an ever-changing perimeter, with every corporate device a target. As such, is the definition of perimeter changed so rapidly and dramatically that we are now seeing the changing face of “privileged identity”? With a dynamic workforce and a need for just-in-time privilege access, are we witnessing the disappearance of hard perimeters? As such it is no longer role exclusive role of the CISO to understand why both cyber security and privilege are important, but how this extends across the business.

Speaker: Thomas Fikentscher, ANZ Regional director at CyberArk

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