Bridging the Cyber Divide: CyberSecurity - The Digital Backbone

Bridging the Cyber Divide: Ep5 – Critical connections

James Riley
Editorial Director

CyberArk and InnovationAus have partnered to present the Bridging the Cyber Divide: CyberSecurity – The Digital Backbone video series. This series will examine how cybersecurity underpins our growing digital economy. In episode 5 “Critical Connections” InnovationAus editorial director James Riley talks with Lani Refiti, CEO of industry-led advocacy and research initiative, IoTSec Australia and VP of CyberArk Engineering, Asia Pacific and Japan, Jeffrey Kok, on the rapid expansion of IoT capability in Australia, as well as the arrival of 5G, and how it’s bringing unprecedented opportunities in harnessing real time data in everything from manufacturing to agriculture, but with the sharing of this data, the question regarding securing critical infrastructure remains key to underpinning the implementation of critical connections. How does critical infrastructure come together, when sharing data and frameworks across different industries, such as IoT and supply chains?

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