Bridging the Cyber Divide: CyberSecurity - The Digital Backbone

Bridging the Cyber Divide: Ep8 – Security in Transformation

James Riley
Editorial Director

Listen in as Barak Feldman, VP of Emerging Technologies and Thomas Fikentscher, Regional Director at CyberArk discuss security in digital transformation with Alastair MacGibbon, formally the National Cyber Security Adviser, head of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (Australian Signals Directorate) and Special Adviser to the Prime Minister of Australia on Cyber Security.
With an amazing amount of data being shared as part of the digital transformation journey within government and enterprise, the question of security needs to be key to these transformations. When sharing and accessing data, what are the key security questions you should ask? How soon is security being implemented? Who within the organisation should be involved? Why is the role of a Chief Digital Officer, which sits somewhere in between managing digital transformation and understanding why cybersecurity and identity is so important, a critical requirement for successful transformation? Tune in as we discuss all of this and more in our latest episode!
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