Cybersecurity Leaders’ Forum. Cyber frameworks: A competitive ESG advantage

Corrie McLeod

Given the frequency and variety of increasing cyber-attacks, it is imperative to progress beyond cybersecurity towards building cyber resilience and leveraging cyber governance, to thwart attackers before they strike. Apart from being proactive, cyber resilience differs from the old approach by accepting that security incidents are inevitable. With that acceptance, it focuses on improving detection, alertness and response in those situations.

Corrie McLeod, Publisher of, recently led a discussion between a senior group of chief information security peers from industry and government around building cyber resilience strategies and leveraging cyber governance frameworks to bolster board-level program support.

Vishal Salvi, Senior Vice President, Chief Information Security Officer, and Head of the Cyber Security Practice at Infosys discussed global trends and insights. Vishal leads a team of more than 4,000 cybersecurity professionals at Infosys, a company which employs 345,000 people globally.

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