Minderoo Foundation

Webinar: Fighting fires from space – calling Aussie innovators to solve a global problem

Corrie McLeod

The UN predicts that globally, extreme bushfires are expected to increase up to 14% by 2030, 30% by the end of 2050 and 50% by 2100. XPRIZE Wildfire will spur innovation across a wide range of firefighting technologies, transforming the practices of a crucial industry that have not seen major change in the way that we detect fires for thirty years.

This webinar is a brilliant opportunity to hear from Anousheh Ansari, CEO of XPRIZE Foundation, Adam Gilmour, CEO of Gilmour Space Technologies and Rania Poullos, Project Manager – Fire Shield for Minderoo Foundation, about what the XPRIZE Wildfire is looking for, the scale of the opportunity, how the competition works and tips to craft your team’s entry for the best chance of success.

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