Identity Inside/Out: Getting identity security right
31 mins

Identity Inside/Out, Ep3 – Building Trust in Online Health

Corrie McLeod

This episode focuses on all things ID management and healthcare. Almost $2 billion was spent over a 10-year period to create the MyHealthRecord program alone, and yet as of 2020 half of all 23 million health records remained empty. The push to use the MyHealthRecord as a way to prove vaccination status presumably must be having some stimulating effect on the increased use of the platform. We examine whether two years of health obsession and online access to every part of life has had a material impact on the number of people and doctors making use of online health records and services. We speak with Amanda Cattermole, CEO of the Australian Digital Health Agency about the qualms doctors have around using these types of products and how security is evolving in the medical space.

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