See What You Can Be See What You Can Be - Series 2

Cryptography and information security in a digital democracy

Corrie McLeod

Two of the country’s cryptography experts talk with InnovationAus’ Publisher, Corrie McLeod, on the cryptographic protocols that support a free and democratic society – such as the limitations of electronic elections, privacy and big data. Creating an impenetrable and robust e-voting system is nowhere close to being created. A complicated problem, with global experts rushing to solve, is influenced by the power of information and who holds that power.

CEO of Thinking Cybersecurity and associate professor (Adj.) at the Australian National University, Dr Vanessa Teague, and Eleanor McMurtry, who has worked with Vanessa and began their PhD at ETH Zürich in Switzerland joined Ms McLeod as part of See What You Can Be, a series of interactive video podcasts championing Australia’s extraordinary female changemakers who are blazing new pathways across the STEM sector.

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