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Freedom of Expression survey for higher education

The successful tenderer will design a freedom of expression on campus scale (the scale) for use in conjunction with the existing Student Experience Survey (SES). The project will result in the development of a cohesive survey scale for the measurement of freedom of expression on campus.

The design of the scale must at a minimum take into account existing scholarly literature and statistical evidence on the measurement of freedom of expression on campus, both in Australia and overseas.

Submissions close: 3pm, February 14, 2020 (ACT time).

ATM ID: PPT2-19-74

For full submission details, click here.


Develop and roll out online teaching and learning resources in mathematics and numeracy

The successful tenderer will provide support for mathematics and numeracy teachers of Foundation to Year 10 students through the development and delivery of Mathematics Massive Open Online Courses (Mathematics MOOCs), supporting face-to-face professional learning and providing a repository of teaching and learning resources through an online Mathematics Hub.

The department will exclude a Tender response from further consideration if the department considers that the Tenderer does not meet the following conditions for participation:
a) the Tenderer exists as a legal entity at Closing Time;
b) Where the total value of the tender is over $4 million (GST inclusive), the Tenderer holds either:
i. a Valid and Satisfactory Statement of Tax Record by the Closing Time; or
ii. a receipt demonstrating that a Statement of Tax Record has been requested from the Australian Taxation Office by the Closing Time.
c) The Tenderer holds a Valid and Satisfactory Statement of Tax Record for any first tier subcontractor that it proposes, as part of its response, to engage to deliver goods or services with an estimated value of over $4 million (GST inclusive).

The resultant contract is expected to commence in April 2020 and conclude in June 2023. It is anticipated that, enrolments in the MOOCs will commence in February 2021, and that resources will be available from the Mathematics Hub in July 2020.

Submissions close: 4pm, February 28, 2020 (ACT time).

ATM ID: RFT PRN 2-19-2

For full submission details, click here.


Pawsey Supercomputer System for the CSIRO

The CSIRO is seeking to engage a service provider for the provision of a large-scale, general-purpose supercomputer, referred to hereafter as the Pawsey Supercomputing System (PSS) — the core component of the Pawsey Capital Refresh Project.

The PSS will replace the functionality of both the:

1. Magnus supercomputer — a petaflop-performance, Cray XC40, commissioned in 2014, that provides a general, research supercomputing service
2. Galaxy supercomputer — a smaller Cray XC30, commissioned in 2013, which provides operational support for two Square Kilometre Array (SKA) precursor radio telescopes: the Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) and the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), each of which are located in the remote mid-west of Western Australia, with a single general-purpose supercomputer, the capability of which can be effectively and dynamically partitioned into special-purpose environments under software control.

Submissions close: 2pm, February 11, 2020 (ACT time).


For full submission details, click here.

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