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Brisbane | 27 June 2017
Exploring the opportunities for the business sector to help government deliver simple and intuitive digital services
Sydney | 20 July, 2017
Connecting Australian ideas to Chinese capital
Melbourne | 15 August, 2017
Examining how new exposures are reshaping the insurance industry

Previous Events

7 June, 2017
Tracking the adoption of innovative solutions for regulatory challenges
9 May, 2017
Discussing the major policy proposals to be unveiled - with serious networking and serious fun! 
3 May, 2017
CYBER SECURITY – THE LEADERSHIP IMPERATIVE Addressing the role that government, businesses and education play in developing a pathway for qualified cyber-strat...
16 MAR, 2017
Exploring the role of smart technologies in developing the communities of the future What began as the “smart city concept” to create sustainable and cost...
15 MAR, 2017
Rallying top public and private community innovators to advance and showcase the initiatives driving Bendigo’s intelligent infrastructure. Discover how federal and s...
23 FEB, 2017
Connecting Women to Capital. There are few opportunities for women entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to network, access funding or offer seed capital and 2nd and ...

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