The Capability Papers:

Non-Kinetic Defence and Dual-Use Technology


Join in Adelaide for The Capability Papers: Non-Kinetic Defence and Dual-Use Technology.

This one-day forum focuses on Australian resilience strategies and building local capability and capacity across areas such as artificial intelligence, quantum technologies, robotics, cyber and critical minerals.

The world is a more dangerous and uncertain place today than it has been at any time since the darkest days of the Cold War. Recent rhetoric has effectively called for a national mission to prepare Australia for what lies ahead. This includes an intensified focus on supply chains and strategic security through partnerships like AUKUS and the Quad, as well as capability building through the National Reconstruction Fund and the increased investment in Defence innovation.

This important forum is about capability pipelines, identifying where Australia has strengths and competitive advantages, and where it needs to partner with friends to either build or import specific capability. Where does Australia sit in this fast-changing and uncertain world? What role does Australia play in securing strategic supply chains with partners and allies? And how do we build the onshore capability in areas of key strategic importance?

Australia is a small population spread across a vast continent. We are a skilled people with strong relationships across the world.

The goal of this forum is to put leaders from defence, research and industry in the same room, to deliberate on where it makes most sense for Australia to build capability, to participate in strategic supply chains.


Tickets will open soon. Watch this space.