Computer vision keeps rangers safe at night

Stuart Mason

Bayside Council in Sydney had tried every available solution to try to curb dangerous driving along the waterfront.

But nothing had worked, and dangerous and illegal driving, and anti-social behaviour, was still a major problem in the area. The council was struggling to enforce road rules in the area, particularly overnight and in locations that could be dangerous for officers to investigate.

So the council turned to the use of transformative technology, and brought in Art of Logic, specialists in research and development in the computer vision space, to implement it.

The company was looking to implement a solution so the council could infringe illegally parked vehicles overnight in areas where it was unsafe for officers to attend, and to transmit real-time alerts for illegally parked vehicles to enable enforcement action.

Art of Logic used artificial intelligence and machine learning and integrated this natively into the Nx Witness video management system, allowing the council to quickly and easily review footage of potentially infringing events, taking away the need to manually review these videos.

The company’s solution uses high-definition optics and computer vision on edge-based servers to detect infringing acts, and can then apply analytics to identify elements such as the vehicle make, model, colour or licence plate.

This allows the council to identify potentially illegally parked cars, and then process this as part of their normal operating hours, taking away the need for officers to attend these sites overnight and in potentially dangerous locations.

According to the council, this tech solution led to a drop of up to 80 per cent in repeat offenders parking illegally or driving dangerously.

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Art of Logic is an Australian research and development-focused company looking at designing and manufacturing edge-based hardware, video analytics and computer vision software. It works with a range of clients to design, develop and implement end-to-end solutions.

The company also has an especial focus on ensuring its tech offerings are environmentally friendly, with the deployment of hybrid solar and wind generation, and low-power use hardware.

Its renewable energy solutions are also set to be deployed with the City of Anaheim and Sacramento in California in the United States, allowing the areas to leverage access to coastal winds and solar energy.

Art of Logic’s clean energy generation solution uses solar and magnetic levitation wind turbine technology to provide power for edge-based AI technology, which can then be used to power its other solutions.

While the Bayside Council solution focused on deterring anti-social behaviour and illegal driving, the company’s offering can be used for a range of asset utilisations, such as in parks and open spaces.

The sustainability side of the company is now so effective that its projects are developing excess energy, which can be redistributed to power other networks.

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