Fivecast crawls the dark web to fight terror, organised crime

Stuart Mason

Every day an estimated 328.77 million terabytes of data is created. This equates to 120 zettabytes being created this year, or 120 trillion gigabytes.

Useful trends and patterns can be unearthed in this data, but it is far too much to be analysed by humans and, until recently, by computers.

Adelaide-based tech firm Fivecast has created open-source intelligence (OSINT) technology utilising artificial intelligence and machine learning to sift through this wealth of data and conduct targeted risk analysis for use cases including identifying extremists, terrorists, drug traffickers and organised crime.

Its clients are in the defence, intelligence, police, border security and private sector, with a mission to of make society safer.

Fiveast chief executive Dr Brenton Cooper

Fivecast’s ONYX platform scours publicly available data online, such as from the dark web, chat rooms and forums and inserts this into its customisable and AI-enabled risk assessment framework, delivering actionable insights to clients.

Fivecast’s ONYX is a finalist in the InnovationAus 2023 Awards for Excellence in the Software Innovation category. You can secure your tickets to the black-tie event here.

Fivecast was founded in 2017 by Dr Brenton Cooper, and now has more than 100 staff around the world. Dr Cooper previously served as principal staff engineer at Motorola, capability manager of intelligence and information systems at BAE Systems and the chief technology officer of the Data to Decisions CRC.

Fivecast closed a $30 million Series A round this year, and became the first ever Australian company to win a Defense Innovation Unit project with the US Department of Defense, worth US$8.8 million.

This funding was used by Fivecast to develop MATRIX, an automated security vetting solution which can collect and process the digital footprints of thousands of people and conduct risk assessments on them.

The company is also a member of Australia’s Defence Industry Security Program.

The aim of its ONYX platform is to allow important public and private institutions to sift through unthinkable masses of data to uncover actionable insights to assist with protecting communities around the globe.

The cloud-hosted open-source intelligence solution provides advanced data collection across online platforms and AI-enable risk analytics.

Its tools can monitor and interpret a range of data types, including image, text and video, in order to detect phrases, quotes and logos, while its AI service can learn and improve its capabilities over time.

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